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If you are on the internet, chances are that you have heard of Facebook. Did you know our church is now on Facebook?  We are using this important godsend to interact with thousands of people online with event reminders, photos and videos of our church events and activities, sermons, baptisms, and more. It is a very effective way for us to share the Good News of Jesus and to invite our friends and community to come to church.

We have only just begun to use Facebook and our goal is to reach as many people through social media as possible.  We need your help to reach more people:

  1. Sign up Facebook and Like our page.
  2. On our page, click Liked button then check Get Notifications. This is to turn on the notification for our page, so you will not miss out any update.
  3. Like and/or comment on our postings (event announcements, pictures, sermons, etc.)
  4. For pictures and videos, feel free to tag yourself.
  5. Most importantly, share our church posts onto your own timeline, so that your Facebook friends will see what’s happening at our church too.

Thank you so much for your kind support to share the Good News on Facebook! If you have any questions, be sure to grab David or any of your Facebook friends and they will tell you how.

Below are some links and information shown on our Facebook page right now!

Once more—the resurrection of Christ is operating at this present time with a quickening power on all who hear the word aright. The sun is, to the vegetable world, a great source of growth. In this month of April he goes forth with life in his beams and we see the result.

The buds are bursting, the trees are putting on their summer dress, the flowers are smiling and even the seeds which we buried in the earth are beginning to feel the vivifying warmth. They see not the Lord of day but they feel his smile. Over what an enormous territory is the returning sun continually operating! How potent are his forces when he crosses the line and lengthens the day!

Such is the risen Christ. In the grave he was like the sun in his winter solstice but he crossed the line in his resurrection. He has brought us all the hopes of spring and is bringing us the joys of summer. He is quickening many at this hour and will yet quicken myriads. This is the power with which the missionary goes forth to sow; this is the power in which the preacher at home continues to scatter the seed. The risen Christ is the great producer of harvests. By the power of his resurrection men are raised from their death in sin to eternal life.
Charles Spurgeon delivered this message on Sunday April 21, 1889 at the Metropolitan Tabernacle, Newington, London.
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I was reading from Matthew in the Sermon on the Mount when I was brought under conviction. A person who thinks sinful thoughts is guilty of sin as if he had committed the acts. Then I read this devotional. It is from the Puritan author and pastor John Owen. We are introduced to a term here - mortification. That simply means to "put to death", particularly of the flesh and its desires. .

The Holy Spirit us is our only sufficiency for the work of mortification. He is the only great power behind it and He works in us as He pleases. God promised His Spirit for this very work. He alone works in and upon believers. He takes away the stony, the stubborn, proud, rebellious and unbelieving heart (Ezek. 11:19). Mortification is one of the blessings we have in Christ and is given us by His Spirit. In His strength we can be mortified. How does the Spirit mortify sin? (1) By causing our hearts to abound in grace and the fruits that are contrary to the works of the flesh. Paul teaches that the fruits of the Spirit are contrary to the works of the flesh (Gal. 5:19-21). (2) By the effective destruction of the root and habit of sin, to weaken, destroy, and take it away. He takes away the stony heart by an almighty work. He begins this work as to its kind, and then carries it on by degrees. He is the fire that burns up the very root of lust. (3) He brings the cross of Christ into the heart of a sinner by faith, and gives us communion with Christ in His death and sufferings. The Holy Spirit works mortification in us; yet He keeps it still an act of our own obedience. The Holy Spirit works in us and upon us, as we are fit to be wrought in and upon: that is, so as to preserve our own liberty and free obedience. He works upon our understandings, wills, consciences, and affections, agreeably to their own natures. He works in us and with us, not against us or without us, so that His assistance is an encouragement as to the facilitating of the work. Those who seek to keep down sin without the aid of the Spirit, labor in vain. They will combat without victory, wage war without peace, and are slaves all their days. - John Owen
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